Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gaming - BuildCity Now Open for 'Off-Season' Play

Hey all, I've had some people contact me recently letting me know that they were interested in playing Builder's Challenge, and the game has been inactive for some time... so the other day I cleaned off the cobwebs in BuildCity world and have opened it in a setting that I'm tentatively calling the 'off-season.'

During the off-season:
  • The chief end of the off-season session is to allow players to practice for times of competition.
  • The world is not in active competition. The scoreboard will continue being maintained, but prizes will not be rewarded.
  • Building lots will still be judged as normal, with a score and comments given to the builder.
  • The global bot is not guaranteed to be online 24/7.
  • Requests will be processed slower than usual. Expect turn-around times of up to 2 days during the off-season.
  • Area restrictions are DISABLED -- this means that higher tier areas do not have to be unlocked like they normally do to be built in. However, the player still does have to lock them individually -- they must begin with a plot in Verdant Valley and progress to higher tiers on an individual basis. The only difference now is that they won't have to be held up by other players.

The global bot's online time will be sporadic until I have completed the semester and returned home. This period will last for about another week, and then the bot should be up 24/7.

The off-season will end when we're ready to hold another session of Builder's Challenge, at which time existing builds in the world will be wiped. There is no time-table at present for this, as I wish to automate much of the registration and judging process before I hold another session.

I'll post further updates concerning the off-season to this thread in the AW forums. In the meantime, here are a couple of images from the first plot of the off-season: A Cattle Ranch by Conqueror

Overview of the Ranch

Front-view with completed comment card for the builder.
 I'll have some more updates on this after I complete my finals.  In the meantime, give the world a tour.  It's a P-50 world and for the most part it's completely filled out (except for builder plots!)

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