Friday, May 13, 2011

AWG Download - Primitive Road Set

Primitive Road Set (38 AWGs)

This custom set is compatible with the street1.rwx set; it plugs right in!

Many different pieces are available!

Differing road types are also available.

Nice curves!
  • Two Lane Road
    • Includes N/S/E/W orientations for easy placement
    • Includes an intersection with another four lane road
    • Includes 5 variant road paint types
      • None
      • Middle Dash (Default)
      • No Passing Zone
      • Right Lane Passing
      • Left Lane Passing
    • 1 cell road curves in several directions
    • Dead end pieces
    • Shallow (0.05) inclines
    • Steeper (0.1) inclines
  • Four Lane Road
    • Flat Roads going N/S and E/W
    • Intersection with two lane road
    • Intersection with another four lane road
    • Transition piece to convert a two lane road to a four lane road
  • Road Signs
    • Custom stop/street sign piece in N/S/E/W orientation
    • 'SLOW CURVE' sign
    • Default Alphaworld road sign set

DOWNLOAD: Click here to download

SEED OBJECT: Most pieces are centered on the AWG at ground level; incline pieces are centered on the piece at the base ground level (so the piece will spawn in the air where it clicks into another inclined piece)

COORDS: AW 7968.744s 1527.264e 2.0a 179

Just save the .zip file to your Activeworlds > Presets folder and you'll be good to use the AWG in Activeworlds.  Good luck!

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