Friday, May 20, 2011

AWG Download - Basic Ground Zero

Basic Ground Zero (2 AWGs)

  • Basic Ground Zero
    • A small (2x2 coordinate) park that features pathways in the four cardinal directions
    • Pathways are centered on edge of coordinate grid for optimal expansion along the cell grid
    • Custom signage that demonstrates the parameters of the sign command.
    • Landscaped with trees immediately outside the GZ structure (includes a second AWG with no tree objects)

DOWNLOAD: Click here to download

SEED OBJECT: Centered on AWG.  The ground zero has no preferred direction!

COORDS: AW 7963.516s 1504.395e 2.0a 270

Just save the .zip file to your Activeworlds > Presets folder and you'll be good to use the AWG in Activeworlds.  Good luck!

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