Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reference - ActiveWorlds Keyboard Defaults

The following are the sets of default control schemes available in the AW browser as of build

Classic controls:

Gaming controls:

Browser controls:

Additional unlisted controls: (Thanks Bach Zhaa!)

Camera - Scrollwheel - Camera Zoom in and out
Camera - Alt + Scrollwheel - Camera Power Zoom in and out

Object Properties:
Object Properties - Numpad 5 - Reset rotation on current selection
Object Properties - Ctrl + Numpad 0 - Duplicate current selection outward equivalent to objects dimensions


Chat - Ctrl + Scrollwheel - Enlarge/Reduce text in chat window

Tab - Toggle main window focus. Application must be in this focus for menu shortcuts to work. Tab + Tab is required to set this focus if current focus in the 3D window. A single tab is sufficient if focus is currently in the chat window.
Alt T (Teleport)
Alt T then F (Forward)

Alt T
then B (Back)
Alt T
then T (Teleport to)
Alt T
then H (Home)

Alt L (Login)
Alt A (Avatar)
Alt B (Visibility)