Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AWG Download - Community Pool

Bach Zhaa has started a community AWG yard and I've donated a poolset to the effort.  My contribution is a pool and related groups that I built for Dash567 in her Phoenix Coast subdivision a year or two back... the pool was v4s enabled and the site of a good number of parties.

There are 10 AWGs in the pack, which includes some toys and furniture.  Here's some screencaps below:

Pool front view

Pool accessories
Community Pool AWG Set (10 AWGs)
  • 3 types of pools
    • BASIC: 3x4 pool - landscaped, includes pool ball and diving board
    • BASIC V4s: 3x4 pool - all features above + v4 enabled diving board and water
    • LARGE V4s: 3x6 pool area - all features above plus a service building and avatar objects
  • Pool ball set
  • Diving Board Set
    • BASIC: Diving Board
    • V4s: Includes a negative gravity zone for jumping
  • Hoverchair Set
    • Includes N/S/E/W orientations for easy placement
DOWNLOAD: Click here to download HA_poolset.zip

COORDS: 7940s 1512e

Just save the .zip file to your Activeworlds > Presets folder and you'll be good to use the AWG in Activeworlds.  Good luck!

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