Monday, May 16, 2011

AWG Download - Kingmaker Interactive Game

Kingmaker Interactive Game (4 AWGs)

  • Kingmaker Interactive Game
    • An interactive card game where the player must pick one of three cards; if the card is a king, the player wins.
    • Timer sequence includes a card alternator so that the result isn't always the same
    • Timer sequence includes a reset for players so they can play as many times as they'd like
    • AWG includes a custom logo for Kingmaker
    • AWG includes a 2-coordinate wide pavilion for the Kingmaker game

DOWNLOAD: Click here to download

SEED OBJECT: Centered on AWG, facing North

COORDS: AW 7950.428s 1492.491e 2.0a 178

Just save the .zip file to your Activeworlds > Presets folder and you'll be good to use the AWG in Activeworlds.  Good luck!

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