Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekly Poll #1: V4 Rights in Alphaworld

For some time I've wanted to integrate viewer opinion on the blog, and I've suspected that the easiest way to do so would be through polls... but indecisive me, I never quite decided on how I wanted the polls to be formatted on here.  I did some tooling around today and I'm pretty happy with where they're at now.  It's not eating up too much of the page there. :)

I'll try to make this a regular thing, changing the poll topic every week or so.  Readers will have the chance to vote and comment on the related posts.

Weekly Poll #1: V4 Rights in Alphaworld
With the ongoing absence of Tom comes also the absence of his many services, one of which being the bot that managed special rights in Alphaworld.

The bot was well known for its dramatic setting at Pamozo Island -- where it would cycle through citizen numbers in the rights list upon request.  This is necessary because of a technical restriction in the rights list that only allows so many characters (and consequently citizen numbers) to be included in the list. The bot helped us to get around this by adding a citizen number to the end of the list when they wanted to use v4 rights, and then bumping the first person on the list off.

There's currently a debate on the forums about what should be done now that this bot is currently offline... because its been reported that it would be at least mid-July before AWI could restore the bot.  Many users feel that the right should be open for all builders, while others want a line to be drawn. What do you think?  Is what we have the best solution?  Feel free to vote, and if you're not represented in the poll... feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. I won my rights in Alpha at the EBTS 2 run by Flagg. I think I should continue to have those rights. While I want to build in Alpha, I feel discouraged that I can't use features I think every citizen should have, thus I don't stick around. Going to another world, finding empty land, learning another object path, and having to fit into a new sub-community with new rules just does not appeal to me.