Saturday, June 25, 2011

Activeworlds 16th Birthday - Community Photograph Part 2

Happy Saturday everyone!  Activeworlds turns 16 on June 28, and we've opened up a week full of festivities with an annual event... the community photograph!  Over 115 users were in AWGate Saturday for the photo.  I was able to take a ton of screenshots before and after the arrival time, and I'm just gonna dump them all into a few posts.  Each post will only contain 10 shots so the loading time for the page isn't miserable.

Activeworlds 16 Birthday Photograph (Part 2)
These photos were taken before the stated arrival time and before I disabled usernames.  Some avatars may not have loaded in some photos because I had the settings reduced when I first arrived.  Click on each image to zoom-in to a wide format (1600 px) image.

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