Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noticeboard: WTV Opens, Help Wanted

WTV opened today after some initial planning by Watson and the staff of WolfW1 world.  As announced today in the Activeworlds Forums, Shadow Creature and Watson. plans to build the station up in the coming weeks, and is looking for helpers and volunteers.  I dealt quite a bit in AW television back in the day as a senior staff member at VWTV... and know firsthand that there's a lot of work to be done on an endeavor such as this, so feel free to offer your skillset because they could surely use actors, builders, designers, writers... maybe even an audience member!

WTV takes after the tv stations of the past by using rotating jpgs to create a 'slideshow.'  In AW, this is achieved by applying an update parameter to the picture command.  Simply apply the following code to the action line of any object that accepts the picture command, and you'll see the image below:

Something unique that WTV appears to be attempting is that they are looking to run multiple channels of their programming at the same time.  Hopefully they'll be busy enough to justify the many channels!  AWBuilder wishes this new endeavor luck, and encourages any interested in participating to visit WolfW1 World in Activeworlds or the website at

(Note: If you're viewing this on the frontpage with the related TV post, the image above may be breaking because the script is attempting to run twice on the same page. Simply read this post on its own page to correct the issue.)

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