Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Noticeboard: GZModels offering Fourth of July Specials

GZModels by Zarolene is offering a special object bundle that is summer-themed in time for the Fourth of July weekend.  The bundle includes everything you'd expect to be at a summer party... I'd recommend checking it out if you're looking for some objects this weekend.  The deal ends at the end of the day on July 5.

"When you think of the Fourth of July you think of grilling! So I have put this special patio grill bundle together. Bundle includes my Patio Grill Set, Grilled Meats, Carving Set, Side Dishes, Picnic Tables and Patio Furniture set. This Bundle is an $85.00 value at the Special price of $50.00 starting at 11:59 PM VRT June 28th thru 11:59 PM VRT July 5th. - Forum Announcement"

Those interested in this sale can followup on it by teleporting to GZModels World and viewing the sign at the world's ground zero.

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