Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent Updates with AD&DRPG and an upcoming break

Hey everyone.  Married life is going well and I'll be starting summer classes here soon, so I'll be cutting back on the posts.  I have a few more in the pipes... but I've cut down on AW projects as well.  Most of my time the past few weeks has been in AD&DRPG world continuing my efforts at renewing some of the older builds.  The updated visuals have gotten a lot of good feedback and I've seen a positive upturn to the amount of people in the world, including a few new players.  My goal with all of this was to help AD&D continue to be a stable gaming destination for AW users, and as more people are playing (a lot of tourists especially!) I can feel comfortable that my goal has been achieved.

If AD&D isn't your thing, you may want to check out AWMyths world... they've seen an upswing in activity as well and there seems to be a lot of good things coming out of the world.

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