Sunday, April 17, 2011

Practical Applications of Technology in Education

Hey guys! I'm a little busy today but when I've got some spare time I'd like to write a bit about practical applications of technology in education, and how that can be applied in a 3D environment too.  In the meantime, what brought this on was my recent introduction to the Khan Academy -- an excellent website that is home to thousands of instructional videos and exercises on an array of topics... from math to humanities, and its all free.

I've been using it myself as I'm learning Calculus.  The videos are really top notch, and they're a great idea.  I've posted a video below of a TED Talk concerning Khan Academy, and how it's really a great idea and I hope that it catches on.

But anyway, my experience using Khan Academy got me thinking: could similar intuitive education be done in the 3D environment?  What exactly would you need for that?  Interpersonal interaction?  Manipulating objects on the fly?  We can do some of this already.  As for the rest, well... I'll elaborate more on that later. :)

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