Friday, April 22, 2011

Noticeboard: AWTours seeking Language Translators


A nice feature of Blogger is the ability to see where my viewers are from; apparently I have them from all over the world. :)  Since that's the case, I figure that some of you may be able to help us out in AWTours... Urbane Chaos is looking for some help to translate helpful signs in AWTours to other languages so as to serve as many viewers as possible.  It's not a big job and would probably be nothing at all for someone who is fluent. :)

Full text of the request below:
 In AWTours, I've been working on a non-english speaking help area. I'm looking for people who could help translate two signs into different languages. We have a few languages covered already, but in order to best serve the community, I'd like to have as many translations as possible. 
Personally, I don't trust the translation programs for what I'm doing, as I've seen them make several mistakes in the past.
If anyone can help, that would be great! 
The signs read as follows:
The header sign:
__________ Speaking Visitors (Example, "German Speaking Visitors")
The information sign: 
Welcome to AWTours!

This world is dedicated to showcasing the best of Active Worlds.

If you need help in your language, either use the translator here or teleport to AWGate and ask a GateKeeper for assistance.
If anyone can stop by and lend a hand, I'm sure UC would appreciate it. :)

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