Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AD&DRPG - Dragon Coins

Some good news came out for AW games last week as DM Mercury introduced a new element of gameplay to AD&DRPG -- Dragon Coins.

"Some elder dragons have started distributing a new form of currency in the Mid-Rift to their lesser minions in order to gain their support for an uprising.  This currency is quite magical and in the hands of a player can be quite powerful giving players extra abilities that they would not have otherwise had.

You can acquire dragon coins by killing monsters once you are level 10 and fighting monsters who are at least level 10.  Not all monsters will have Dragon Coins.  If you receive a Dragon Coin it will be added to your character automatically, and you will receive a pretty pink message after the kill.

You can view your current Dragon Coins on the /stats command.

So in essence, a special currency was introduced to the game that allows players to perform special commands when they acquire enough of it. The commands that have currently been implemented are as follows:
  • /dragon heal
    • Cost: 1 coin
    • Heals both HP and MP to full
  • /dragon gold
    • Cost: 1 coin
    • Gives you 200gp
  • /dragon teleport list 
    • Cost: 0 coins
    • Lists teleports you have and how many times you can teleport there.
  • /dragon bind (n) 
    • Cost: 25 dragon coins for 50 teleports
    • Sets your current location to teleport (n).  The value of (n) must be 1,2, or 3.  Warning this will override any previous teleport and reset the number of teleports you have to 50.  
    • Example usage: /dragon bind 2
  • /dragon teleport (n) 
    • Cost: 1 teleport
    • Teleports you to a previously defined teleport via /dragon bind (n).  Teleports are specific to a Teleport (n), where n is the value 1,2, or 3 that you set your teleport to.  
    • Example usage: /dragon teleport 1
  •  /dragon refresh (n) 
    • Cost: 5 dragon coins for 10 teleports
    • This allows you to add 10 more teleports to a bind location you have already set.  
    • Example usage: /dragon refresh 3
The big feature here seems to be personalized teleportation... which is great in a game like AD&DRPG where the player is always on the move, and doesn't necessarily have to have a 'home.'  This feature is still in development and DM Mercury is looking for suggestions, so if you have any feedback feel free to visit the forum thread concerning Dragon Coins.

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