Friday, July 1, 2011

Noticeboard: AWExpo Cancelled, Texpo Announced

A bit of ruckus was caused earlier this week when GSK announced that in a joint decision with AWI, the 2011 AWExpo will be cancelled.  The AWExpo had a rough start out of the gate, and despite general community support the struggles came to a climax last week when a vandal took advantage of a Caretaker's privilege password to damage the world.  The Expo world closed in the following days and GSK looked to step down -- even making plans for a successor so that the expo could continue... but AWI did not accept the proposal, and thus the event will be ending.

Builders who have already made a booth have until Monday to save their progress before the world OP is closed.

In light of this decision, citizen Xandrah (Xandrake on the forums) has offered their private, P-100 sized world (RF3D world) up for a community expo that AWI won't be hosting.  The premise of this new event is essentially the same as the AWExpo, with the only difference being that the event dates have been bumped to mid-July and the attendance will likely be lower since AWI has pulled support from an Expo this year.

ActiveWorlds Technology Expo Dates

  • June 30th - July 10th
    • Registration is open; telegram Xandrah in-world
    • Booth Building is Open
      • Building Guidelines:
        • If you have a plot please only build within your plot space.
        • Please make sure your booth is to do with Active Worlds.
        • If your booth is not about Active Worlds it will be deleted.
  • July 11th
    • Texpo Begins
  • July 16th
    • Texpo Ends
I am not sure yet if AWBuilder will be participating in the Texpo as I have a rather full schedule leading up to the event, but if I do I'll announce it here.  Hoping to see some good things come of it, and we wish it well. :)

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