Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Poll 1 Results

Sorry for the delay on this, everyone.  Here are the results from our first "Weekly" Poll:
  • Question: What should the status of V4 Rights be in Alphaworld?
  • Total Votes: 15 
  • V4 Rights should be available to all users -- citizens and tourists.
    • 2 Votes
    • ~13% of the vote 
  • V4 Rights should be available to all citizens.
    • 13 Votes
    • ~86% of the vote
  • V4 Rights should be available to users that have earned rights.
    • 0 Votes
  • V4 Rights should not be available in Alphaworld.
    • 0 Votes
As you can see from the poll, our readership here at AWBuilder was very much in support of V4 Rights being extended. There were NO votes in support of the existing arrangement.  At the time, V4 rights were restricted to citizens who had earned them in building competitions.  Earlier this month, however, AWI released the rights to all users in the world -- including tourists.  I personally feel this was the more prudent solution for AWI, since the existing arrangement had been broken due to a bot problem, and was estimated to have takenat least a month to repair. This also frees them from the responsibility of having to maintenance the bot (and the rights list).

The addition of tourists V4 rights was a surprise, and there still seems to be some debate on that.  The argument against tourist V4s generally follows that if anyone was to abuse it, it would be an anonymous user under a Tourist account.  There is some precedent for this, and I suppose if it does become a problem tourist rights could be restricted in the future.  For the time being, at least, allowing tourists to play with this powerful feature could be a boon for retaining new users.

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