Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Millionaire - Photo Blog

A crowd assembling before the event begins.  The studio was dark and reserved before the show, and users were arriving at least a half an hour before the event began.

The studio flares to life in an animated introduction sequence as the show begins, filled with lights and sounds.  The game then randomly selects a player from the audience, and the fun begins.

A colorful board describes the player's progress with animations and effects.  The lower buttons describe current earnings, and the 3 buttons at the top describe lifelines -- the red x describes a lifeline that has already been used.

A look back towards the ~20 user crowd.  According to GSK, this weekend was one of the most successful turnouts for the Millionaire event.  Several users from a Millionaire fan forum were present as well.

The color differences in the studio reflected the mood and actions of the game's progress.  Colors change in response to questions and actions by the player.

A shot at the main screen as a question is being asked.  The question is asked in chat, as well as on the main screen.  Players can choose to answer the question, use a lifeline for help, or walk away with their current earnings.

The millionaire studio inbetween games.  The purple and yellow colors reflect the Halloween theme for this weekend.

A look at one of the contestants.  Contestants play from the center stage as GSK operates the game from the hidden control room.

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