Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Updates in Arklay

Hey guys, I've done some more building in Arklay world and I'll be posting photos up here each day that I make progress.  We're working in Arklay world to build up a map to test Droog's upcoming paintball bot.  In addition to this, Droog is working on the paintball bot tonight and I'm eager to hear of his progress. 

Remember, Droog is interested in feedback and ideas from the community.  You can reply to his request in this thread.

World Overview, facing southeast.
The empty interior of a warehouse in the southern part of the world.
A yard of shipping crates in the northern part of the world.
Along with these locations I've built, I've also worked some secret paths through the surrounding cliffs and across the rooftops.  Ideally, I would like players to have access to many areas of the world and use their environment to their advantage.   Hopefully I'll have some more done tomorrow!

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