Monday, March 14, 2011

Progress in Arklay World

Hey everyone! Thanks on all of the comments for the new utility! I'll update it again tonight with your feedback. :)

Droog began in-world testing for his new paintball bot in Arklay World last night. If you'll recall from the forums, Droog posted a thread about creating a new bot and people were overwhelmingly interested in Paintball. After some discussion I saved the current world -- the Besieged Map -- as a propdump and wiped the world clean, and now I'm in the process of building a desert-themed map suited to paintball. The map is based in a gorge, and will have two bases -- one on some cliffs and one on the opposing side in some caves. In between this will be a valley that features some rundown industrial buildings. I used to build paintball maps in AWTeen and the work for the Beseiged Map gave me a lot of ideas for building insular areas.

Overview of the center of the map
There's not much in here yet, but these are just a couple of photos of the framework for the map. There are some great textures we use in SW City that I'll be applying here... been waiting for a good project to try some of them. Aside from that, there's not much going on! I'll have this map completed by the end of the week.

Be sure to support Droog in his effort to make his new bot! He's interested in getting the basics working first, and is also looking to return all of the features we lost with Brant's Ultimate Paintball Bot.  It's a good deal of work and I'm glad someone's interested in it again. Any feedback and ideas are helpful! :)

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