Saturday, April 11, 2015

Extreme Builder Talent Show 6 Entry - "Razorspine Bluff"

I participated in the EBTS 6 throughout February and March, and would like to share my work with the blog.  The build is called "Razorspine Bluff", and features jagged terrain with spikes protruding from walls and exaggerated flora.  My goal was to fill the space with large and unique scenes while keeping detailing pretty minimal. This led to large objects in the scene, such as large trees and roots. This also had an unexpected benefit of keeping the framerate very acceptable, compared to other nature scenes I've completed in the past.

I may do another entry on a technique I used for detailing here, if there is interest.  This involved "layering" on the landscaping details.  Very roughly, I:

  • Placed flat wall panels around the cliffside
  • Added complex geometries with rock objects of a separate texture
  • Added vegetation
  • Added depth to nearby ground and flat surfaces by using different textures on slightly offset objects.
Maybe more on that later.

For now, some details on the actual build:

Important Locations:

"aw" 7619.03S 450.13E 0.60a 270

"aw" 7627.76S 470.77E 0.53a 61

Base of Main Tree 
"aw" 7621.04S 462.83E 4.70a 4


At the base of the tree that towers over the bluff.

Waterfall on the backside of the bluff.

A shot of the waterfall on the backside of the bluff.

A shot of the large tree that towers over the bluff.

A view inside the cave.  I used water and steam effects
here, and also used some of the same tricks for the
 terrain spikes to create thin roots protruding into the

A view of the many terrain spikes in this build.

An experiment with creating a mudpit with particle,
lighting, and sound effects.

I experimented with large roots using scale and
shear/skew in this build.  I think they turned out well.  I
 made a rule to only connect them to different spots of
 grass/terrain, which led to interesting connections
 between different terrain levels.

An experimental area in the caves, with various lighting
 and flora effects.

Some equipment in the mines.

Closer to the main entrance into the mines.

Overview from the front of the build.
 I enjoyed building this, and hope to maybe work on some similar concepts back in the Southern Highlands sometime in the future!  I especially like the spiky terrain and giant roots.

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