Monday, February 21, 2011

What is your opinion of AWGate?

I won't be doing a long post tonight, but I just wanted to stop in and get some opinions on AWGate for my next one. :)

Overview of AWGate as it exists today; a central hub in a futuristic city

This is prompted by a pretty good discussion we had Sunday at the Town Hall Meeting; I'm not sure that a consensus was reached as far as the opinion, but a lot of suggestions were offered as to what could be done to improve it, including things that we do and don't have the authority to do.  The discussion touched on pretty much everything you could expect, from the built form of the world to how people actually interact with one another.

I'd like to further explore the built environment and the interpersonal interaction, as I feel those are two pretty big factors in the success or failure of the Gate.  How about you guys?

What do you think is important?

Let me know.  You can do so here, or by visiting the forum blogs page and keeping up with us there.  Whichever medium is more comfortable for you.


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