Sunday, August 30, 2015

MyAW - Summer PTZ Giveaway - Week 7 (Theme: Humor)

Hey, everyone!  We have been partnering with MyAW to host a PTZ Giveaway on MyAW throughout the summer!  MyAW is a new social network that opened earlier this summer, and is exclusively for ActiveWorlds! PTZ are a currency that you can use within MyAW to redeem for prizes or trade with other users.

Every week, we'll ask our readers to share some of their favorite places that match a particular theme.  You'll need to post the following to our MyAW "AWBuilder" group (must be logged in to view):
  • Coordinates (i.e. AW 0n 0e. World & position at minimum)
  • A screenshot of the build at that location

At the end of the week (due by Fridays at midnight VRT, or in other words 00:00 am), we'll pick one of the screenshots at random to win a voucher for 100 PTZ! We'll share all locations submitted on the next week's blog, along with a public announcement of the winner.

Last Week's Entries: 

Last week we featured SnowI'm a big fan of Winter and snowy builds are a refreshing and often seasonal change of pace from the green pastures of the public building worlds.

Syntax’s Morax Summit, AlphaWorld 2168S 3916E 43

AWTeen GZ circa Winter, 2006. AWTeen 831.58N 2142.99E 0.13a 1
And last week's winner (randomly selected from all entries) is... SirGreendown!

This week's theme is: Humor

Happy exploring, and good luck!

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