Sunday, July 26, 2015

MyAW - Summer PTZ Giveaway - Week 4 (Theme: Water)

Hey, everyone!  We have been partnering with MyAW to host a PTZ Giveaway on MyAW throughout the summer!  MyAW is a new social network that opened earlier this summer, and is exclusively for ActiveWorlds! PTZ are a currency that you can use within MyAW to redeem for prizes or trade with other users.

Every week, starting on Fridays at midnight VRT (00:00 am) we'll ask our readers to share some of their favorite places that match a particular theme.  You'll need to post the following to our MyAW "AWBuilder" group (must be logged in to view):

  • Coordinates (i.e. AW 0n 0e. World & position at minimum)
  • A screenshot of the build at that location
At the end of the week, we'll pick one of the screenshots at random to win a voucher for 100 PTZ! We'll share all locations submitted on the next week's blog, along with a public announcement of the winner.  
Last Week's Entries:
Duskbat’s Galaxy, AW 9524.65N 7506.81E 0.82a 23

U.S.S. Glory, AW 2629.70S 3278.64E 10.35a 93

Mystic World

And last week's winner (randomly selected from all entries) is... Dodgy!

This week's theme is: Water 
Happy exploring, and good luck!

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