Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Event - Airship Tours to Visit Off World

TenYearsGone's Airship Tours continue this weekend, visiting Off World in Alphaworld.  Off World moved to Pata world and also America world some time in 2007 so I'm not sure if the tour will continue there or not, but the Alphaworld site should offer plenty to see!

Here's the tour announcement from the AWForums:

This week, Airship Tours is going to Off World. You will want to have your sounds on for this one, because this build is a feast for your ears as well as your eyes. Motion is everywhere, from traffic in the street to aircraft in the sky. The futuristic theme is consistant throughout, reminding me a bit of Blade Runner. I am particularly fond of one build , clearly inspired by Buckmister Fuller ( ). The work with primatives is incredible.

The tour will take place Saturday November 12th, at 8pm, VRT.

Gather at

Off World has a rich background lore and if you're planning on attending, I would encourage you to visit their storyline blog and immerse yourself in their universe.  The blog offers a fictional background on many of the builds that you will visit, and this knowledge will certainly enhance the quality of your visit!

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