Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alphaworld Builders: Shear/Skew Petition

Shear/Skew have been disabled since the v4 rights bot stopped working, which has been troublesome for many builders who make use of the features for applications such as shearscaping (landscaping with shear/skew to easily manipulate 'terrain') and general building.  A poll has started in the AW Forums and has gotten some really good discussion going (including an excellent post by Byte) about the value of these commands and what a great asset they are to Alphaworld builders.

I'd like to join them in these remarks as I've personally used shear on a number of occasions in Alphaworld and AWTeen and the mathematic precision in producing angles is second-to-none.  Its much, much better than using three-axis rotation techniques and by using shear I've been able to streamline efforts in landscaping and construction projects, such as the Legacy Bridge in AWTeen.

Though I'm sure AWI Support would be more than happy to help you with shear/skew rights on an individual basis if you contacted them... I think it would be easier for everyone if these were just turned on by default. :)

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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say +1 for this post. It really helped!!! :D